EAxpertise has developed a DEMO-plugin for Sparx Enterprise Architect. Their MDG DEMO4 for Sparx makes it possible to create DEMO models in a Sparx repository. In addition to the MDG, templates, useful scripts and an extensive […]


Modelworld was a free online modeling tool and repository for the collaborative modeling of business architecture models and information system designs. Modelworld runs instantly in your browser. No plugins are required.

Open Modelling

Open Modeling is an open source web-based application to model and publish architecture models, procedures and related structured information. It supports DEMO versions 2, 3 and 4 with an active repository, connecting […]


DEMOworld is the online tool for process design and process simulation.In our modeling tool you can design any business process.The simulation tool shows the step-by-step flow for every individual employee who is involved in the process.