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The Enterprise Engineering Institute promotes the application in practice of Enterprise Engineering (EE) in general and DEMO in particular.

DEMO is the next generation methodology for modelling enterprises. DEMO has a sound anchoring in science. DEMO practitioners are achieving very strong results in all aspects of organizational optimization.

DEMO is about overview and insight in organizations.

This site will give you an overview of what DEMO is about and will provide some insights into what it can mean for you. You will find information about DEMO education, case studies and a register of DEMO certified specialists.

If you would like to jump right into discovering DEMO, you can start doing so by taking a closer look at the excerpts from the Enterprise Engineering Institute work conference of 2021.


Recent Posts

  • Joining forces towards a new EE Network

    Over the next months, the CIAO! network, the EE-Network.eu, and the EE Institute will join forces to become an integrated network, concerned with the development of theory-based and practice-proven methods, techniques, and tools for enterprise engineering. The new network will provide a platform to further strengthen our activities, such as: – academic events, and the […]

  • DEMO 4 Professional start 7 april 2022 bij TEEC2

    Op 7 april starten we een nieuwe DEMO training. In 10 weken geven we 10 sessies online waar je DEMO leert gebruiken.Training, examen en het gebruik van ons modelleringsplatform leiden je op zodat je jouw organisatie verder kunt helpen.

  • DEMO-4 Professional start 3 mei 2022 bij Cap Gemini

    In groepstrainingen gebruiken we verschillende werkvormen en doe je kennis, inzicht en inspiratie op. https://academy.capgemini.nl/training/demo-4-professional

  • DEMO-4 Upgrade training start 11 maart 2021 bij Capgemini

    Bij Capgemini begint op 11 maart 2021 een updrage training naar DEMO-4 voor wie al eerder DEMO-cursus heeft gevolgd. https://academy.capgemini.nl/trainingen/architectuur/demo-4-upgrade


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