The Enterprise Engineering Institute values its close ties to the academic community. Many of our (advisory) board members are (part-time) researchers.

While a professor at Delft Technical University Jan Dietz founded DEMO. Today dozens of researchers from 14 research institutes have joined the CIAO! network to expand and deepen the scientific base of DEMO.

At the annual EEWC conference the latest developments are shared. 


The Centre for Conceptual Modelling and Implementations is a Centre of Excellence at the Faculty of Information Technologies (FIT) of Czech Technical University in Prague. 

We are interested in methodologies and tools for both modelling complex realities (domains) at the conceptual level, as well as transforming such models into software. We are interested in methodologies that:

DEMO fits these criteria. We welcome practitioners who are interested in doing joint research.

The Enterprise Engineering Network is a research and training network hosted at five universities in the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The EE-network views organizations as constellations of socio-cyber-physical actors, involving humans, animals, software and machines. Organizations may (jointly) undertake enterprises (a systematic purposeful activity). The EE-Network focuses on the engineering of such enterprises, while covering the entire so-called “Business-to-IT stack”. Thus enterprises are purposefully constructed artefacts, combining engineering with the design and creation of enterprises.

DEMO is one of the methodologies researched by members of the EE-Network.