Modelling Tool Paper

The aim of these papers is to present modeling tools that have been and are being developed in the enterprise engineering environment.

Tools that are particularly relevant here implement new interfaces for modeling tools (e.g. tangible user interfaces, virtual reality environments, web modeling tools, mobile interfaces), support collaborative (inter-organizational) modelling, offer novel forms of EE modeling support, are developed or offered with new technologies and platforms.
The tools will be presented as part of the main program of the EEWC.

Contributions are submitted as PDF file. See call for papers for the procedure and dates.
The format template must be the Springer LNBIP format and the post should contain the following information:

– Title, Author, Institution
– A short summary of the contribution that describes the added value of the tool (abstract)
– Relevance of the tool to the enterprise engineering community
– Screenshot of the tool and link (URL) to the corresponding software with installation instructions.
– First evaluation results (as far as possible).

Tools & demo contributions will be published together with the workshop papers.

Paper type
max pages initial version
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Tool paper