Originally DEMO was taught as a master student course at Delft technical university. Both DEMO and market demands have developed since. Therefore, as of January 2015, the education program consists of 4 courses. The current version is DEMO 4.


DEMO Awareness is the introductory course where the student gets acquainted with the ideas and principles of the DEMO theory.

The EEi often (co)organizes DEMO Awareness with organizations which actively promote DEMO. DEMO Awareness partners can be educational institutes, end user organizations or consultancy firms.


The full DEMO 6-day professional course gives you a full understanding of the DEMO methodology, both theory and putting into practice. The exam regulations can be found here: Verbal Exam DEMO 4 professional.


There is no standard course to become DEMO Lecturer. The Lecturer qualification is meant for people who wish to teach DEMO courses. Before applying the candidate is required:

The exam is a one-hour defense before a committee of DEMO Lecturers where the student needs to show he has the necessary skills and knowledge. For more information there is a summary of DEMO 3 Lecturer Examination Requirements, more detailed information is available on demand.

There are several possibilities to follow DEMO courses. The Enterprise Engineering Institute (co)organizes DEMO Awareness. DEMO Awareness, Bachelor and Master are taught by several commercial companies and on several universities. DEMO Lecturer is on demand.

The old DEMO professional register will remain. This was a 5-day course after which one was registered as DEMO Professional. Because of the continuing evolution in both the DEMO methodology and market demand the current structure of Bachelor-Master-Lecturer was developed.