It is highly recommended to take a course before enrolling in an exam. But it is possible to take an exam after self study. 

The cost of DEMO Professional costs €375. The fee covers the expenses of the DEMO specialists register and the defense committee as well.

In case it is not possible to arrange a written exam session, an on-line oral exam can be taken to get the DEMO-4 Professional diploma. The exam will be conducted by two examiners. The evaluation takes place right after the exam session. The nominal duration of an oral exam is 45 minutes. The basis for an oral exam is a DEMO model of some case that the candidate submits beforehand. The candidate can use his/her own case or use one of the available educational cases (Example Lobes Case). During the exam session, the aspect models are discussed and additional questions concerning the methodology may be asked. The candidate can earn 60 points for the submitted models and 40 points for the discussion and the answers to the questions. The exam is open book, which means that the candidate may consult all course materials on the spot. One can register for an oral exam by e-mailing to

Assignments and solutions to be submitted

The candidate must submit the following in advance:

Additional assignments during the exam session

Submission requirements

Clarification of the points to gain

The blue marked points are part of the 60 points for the submitted solutions, the green marked points are part of the 40 points for the discussion during the exam session.