Twelfth Enterprise Engineering Working Conference - Call for Papers

November 2nd – 4th (in the Netherlands)


Submission Dates (1st submission window):

  • July 18th: Abstract submission deadline (mandatory)*
  • July 25th: Submission deadline for initial versions of papers
  • August 15th: Notification of acceptance


Submission Dates (2nd submission window):

  • August 29th: Abstract submission deadline (mandatory)*
  • September 5th: Submission deadline for initial versions of papers
  • September 26th: Notification of acceptance


The 2022 Enterprise Engineering Working Conference (EEWC 2022) will be the 12th working conference addressing the field of Enterprise Engineering.

The goal remains to gather academics and practitioners in order to share innovative research issues and practical experiences, balancing rigour and relevance, as well as to facilitate profound discussions on the discipline of enterprise engineering.


More specifically, the plan is to have each paper go through the following process:

    1. Each submitted paper (via EasyChair) abiding the specifications will be reviewed by three reviewers. The reviewers will be asked to recommend acceptance of the paper as (full or short) paper in Springer EEWC proceedings; or as paper paper in EEWC Forum CEUR proceedings.Papers that are selected as Short Papers for the Springer EEWC proceedings may still be accepted as full papers, provided they are considerably improved (see point 3).
    2. The authors will be requested to provide an updated version of their papers before the conference, taking in account the review comments, to be presented at the conference by at least one of the authors where the papers (and presentations) will be discussed in more detail.
    3. Immediately after the conference,  the chairs will take a decision on which short papers will be promoted to full and communicate it to the authors. They are then required to submit an updated version of their paper taking into account the discussions at the conference and chairs’ feedback. Papers accepted as full will have to include at least 3 pages of additional content.

This year, four types of papers can be submitted. Scientific long and short papers, doctoral papers, tooling papers, and case reports (model cases should be submitted via the models at work initiative route). The subjects of the papers can be finished work or preliminary work.


As in earlier years, the proceedings of EEWC 2022 will be published as post-conference proceedings in Springer’s Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing (LNBIP). The use of post-conference proceedings enables the authors to update their submissions based on the feedback from reviewers, as well as the discussions during the conference, which truly underlines the working conference character of EEWC.

Case reports and submissions accepted as poster papers will be submitted for publication online in CEUR as part of EEWC Forum proceedings.

Topics and Submission

Submission details and relevant topics are available for scientific long and short papers, doctoral papers, tooling papers, and case reports.

Topics of interest to for the EEWC include, but are not limited to:

  • Specific aspects of enterprises:
    • Business processes
    • Business rules
    • Information systems
    • Software architectures
  • Cross cutting concerns for enterprises:
    • FAIR principles on good data management
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Sustainability
    • Cyber risks
    • Governance
    • Coherence
    • Resilience & antifragility
  • Specific activities within enterprise engineering:
    • Architecture
    • Design
    • Transformation
    • Creation & use of reference models
    • Tool support for enterprise engineering
  • Foundations of enterprise engineering:
    • Cybernetics
    • Complex adaptive systems
    • Foundations of (conceptual) modelling
    • Fact-based thinking & modelling
    • Enterprise ontology
    • Normalised systems theory
    • Foundational ontologies
    • Collaborative & participatory modelling & design
  • Application of enterprise engineering:
    • Case studies in enterprise engineering
    • Application of enterprise engineering in specific sectors / industries

Important Dates

First window of submissions  
Deadline for submission of abstracts*: 18-07-2022
Submission deadline for initial versions of papers: 25-07-2022
Notification of acceptance (full or short): 15-08-2022
Second window of submissions  
Deadline for submission of abstracts*: 29-08-2022
Submission deadline for initial versions of papers: 05-09-2022
Notification of acceptance (full or short): 26-09-2022
Paper presentation/discussion – on site
EEWC Conference: 02,03,04-11-2022
Post-conference versions of papers due: 17-11-2022
Final notification of acceptance to post-proceedings: 24-11-2022
Camera ready: 14-12-2022

* mandatory, but please submit an abstract as soon as possible so we can better organize the review process.