TEEC2 has developed a DEMO modelling tool. The PLENA tool is based on Sparkx Enterprise Architect. PLENA supports the modelling of the complete essential model of an organisation, which includes the fully interconnected aspect models.

DEMOworld is the online tool for process design and process simulation.
In our modeling tool you can design any business process.
The simulation tool shows the step-by-step flow for every individual employee who is involved in the process.

Open Modeling is an open source web-based application to model and publish architecture models, procedures and related structured information. It supports DEMO versions 2, 3 and 4 with an active repository, connecting all aspect models. Not only publishing is done on the web, but also modeling and maintaining these texts and diagrams.

Modelworld was a free online modeling tool and repository for the collaborative modeling of business architecture models and information system designs. Modelworld runs instantly in your browser. No plugins are required.


In projects which are carried out by businesses in the Infrastructure Building sector, the parties involved communicate constantly.

With the DEMO methodology the various collaborating roles have been defined and agreements have been made about the format and meaning of messages exchanged between parties involved. These agreements constitute the VISI Standard. As of 2012 VISI is an ISO standard and in 2014 it was adopted as the norm (“Pas toe of leg uit”) for the Dutch government agencies in the infrastructure building market.  

With B&S VISI all communication remains clear. Past communication can always be accessed, whatever the lead time of the project or the number of parties involved. Failure costs are limited by storing all decisions and their related communication between parties. B&S VISI decreases paperwork, enables a clear process and guarantees transparent traceable decision making. On an organizational level, process and quality can be directly improved by having actual insights and comparability from real time data of all projects.

Alfamail is infostrait’s web solution for Contract Management. The contract communication (information and documents) consists of standard forms, messages and documents, being transparent, structured and exchanged between the relevant parties in the collaboration.

Alfamail is easy to use, thanks to its email-like interface.