Associates are people who are involved in the activities of the EE-Network, but cannot (yet) commit to an active role as a Fellow or as a PhD Candidate in the network. Associates with a PhD are classified as Senior Associates, and Associates without a PhD are classified as Junior Associates. The latter may also include PhD Candidates who are actively pursuing a PhD, but do so outside of the network.

Senior Associates

  1. Dr. Bas van Gills, BiZZdesign
  2. Dr. Ralph Foorthuis, UWV
  3. Dr. Roel Wagter, IT-Eye

Junior Associates

  1. Martin van der Berg, De Nederlandsche Bank
  2. René Ceelen, CEPO
  3. Christian Köppe, HAN University of Applied Sciences
  4. Mark Paauwe, Paauwe & Partners
  5. Frank Schalkwijk, Polliance
  6. Theo Theunissen, HAN University of Applied Sciences