We regularly organise internal (open to network members) seminars in which PhD Candidates and Research Fellows have an opportunity to present their work, while taking ample time for discussion. As such, it also aims to foster the continued sharing of recent work, insights and collaboration potential between the researchers of the network. A presentation at an Seminar typically involves a presentation of recent work by the researcher, challenges that the researcher is facing, as well as ample time for open and constructive discussion.
Currently, there are two seminar series running in parallel:

  1. In Luxembourg there are about 10 seminars per year. Per seminar, one researcher gives a presentation.
  2. In the Netherlands, due to the larger number of part-time PhD Candidates (who generally have regular positions in industry), there are about 4 seminars per year. Per seminar 2 to 3 researchers deliver a presentation.

Regularly, researchers from Luxembourg also deliver a presentation at a seminar in the Netherlands, and vice versa. 
For PhD Candidates and Research Fellows it is mandatory to deliver at least two presentations at an Seminar during the duration of their projects. 
The Seminars are also frequently visited by our Associates. Even more, Junior Associates aspiring/considering to do a PhD may also present some of their initial ideas towards doing PhD research.